Grodan MAX

Innovative stone wool substrate solutions for the professional horticultural based on precision growing principles.

Grodan Max 10 Sold in Thailand.

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Welcome to the forefront of technological advancement in South East Asia’s greenhouse industry. As a premier supplier, we specialize in delivering high-standard, tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of our customers. Our global team of experts excels in blending creativity with flexibility, always ensuring practicality is at the core of every solution we craft.
Official Distributor of Grodan Products in Thailand.
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Why Agri Solutions Asia?

Partner with Agri Solutions Asia: harnessing decades of expertise for sustainable, customized agricultural solutions that blend global innovation with local insight to ensure your success.

Agri Solutions Asia boasts over two decades of experience, offering unparalleled knowledge and skill in addressing the unique climatic and agricultural challenges specific to South East Asia.

Unmatched Expertise

Over twenty years in South East Asia, providing unmatched agricultural and climatic solutions with regional expertise.

Tailored Solutions

Specializing in innovative, high-standard solutions perfectly aligned with our clients’ diverse agricultural needs and challenges.

Our international team combines global perspectives with local insights, providing inventive, flexible, and practical solutions that are both cutting-edge and regionally attuned.

Global Perspective, Local Insight

Our international team blends worldwide innovation with local insights for practical and effective gricultural solutions.

Turnkey Greenhouse Solutions

Discover turnkey tropical greenhouse solutions from Agri Solutions Asia, where innovation meets agronomic precision.

Tropical Greenhouses

Our custom-designed greenhouses thrive in tropical climates, integrating advanced climate control and irrigation systems to optimize plant health and yield. Embrace sustainability and efficiency with our expertly engineered solutions tailored for the tropics.

Our custom-designed greenhouses thrive in tropical climates, integrating advanced climate control and irrigation systems to optimize plant health and yield.
Irrigation and climate control in tropical greenhouses.

Irrigation & Climate Control

Elevate your horticulture with Agri Solutions Asia’s Irrigation & Climate Control systems, utilizing cutting-edge technology for optimal resource efficiency and plant vitality in any environment. Our solutions ensure precision, sustainability, and enhanced productivity in your greenhouse operations.

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We select only the finest agricultural products and methods, ensuring that there are no compromises in quality, effectiveness, and long-term sustainability.

Thailand distributor of Grodan products.
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