Computerizing your irrigation and climate control: Agri Solutions Asia (ASA) has specialized itself computerizing (greenhouse) irrigation and climate control. We supply the software platform, the computer components and the sensor technology needed for managing and controlling irrigation and/or climate. With the technical support of our suppliers from The Netherlands, ASA integrates the technology in a wide range of products and solutions. The technology and software applications can be implemented in numerous situations where there is a need for controlling the climate and /or irrigation.

  • Greenhouse climate control;
  • Irrigation and fertigation control;
  • Storage room(s) climate control;
  • Cooling and freeze house(s) climate control;
  • Etc.

All of the elements within these type of systems or projects are tailored to the specific requirements and situations of our customer and are operated by a central software platform. This software platform offers a free programmable configuration that will be tailored to meet the requirements of any specific situation


ASA irrigation control: At the core of any vegetable growing operation lays its irrigation and nutrient management system. To obtain the required production yields and quality it is very important to supplying the plant with the necessary water and nutrients at the correct moment, and in the required quantities. Our company offers a modern and user-friendly management systems that will help optimizing these results

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Sensors that are commonly used to control irrigation:

  • EC
  • pH
  • Moisture content
  • Slab weight
  • Water flow
  • Drain volume
  • Water level
  • Oxygen
  • Etc.

 Irrigations control actions that can be steered:

  • Pump control
  • Solenoid valve control
  • Fertilizer dosing
  • Acid dosing
  • Tank filling control
  • Back flush filter control
  • Water temperature control
  • Etc

The computer collects ‘real time’ climate data from sensors in the field. It processes the climate data that is collected, and converts them into action signals. These output signals will control the actions that need to be taken in the field to adjust the climate to the required set points.


Sensors that are commonly used to control climate:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Sun radiation
  • PAR light
  • Co2
  • Rain intensity
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Etc

Climate control actions that can be steered:

  • Retractable horizontal shading system
  • Horizontal greenhouse fans
  • Vertical greenhouse fans
  • Cooling system
  • Heating system
  • Misting system
  • Pad&Fan system
  • Greenhouse windows
  • Roll down shading systems
  • Co2 dosing
  • Etc

System- and technical designs:

After a consultation with our customer, a list of requirements will be set up.

This list of requirements will form the base for the initial single line design of the total project and the different elements within the project. The single line diagram will give us the input for the exact components and material the system requires. Based on this single line diagram and component list, we then make the technical design used for manufacturing.


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