Grodan Slab single plant hole (uni-slab)

฿158.25 (inc VAT)

  • Suitable for transplanting and easy use in combination with GRI 6.5 or GRI 10;
  • suitable for both veg & flower;
  • single plant hole
  • Less risk of cross contamination of roots due to design and single plant hole;
  • Size: 30×19.5×10 cm / 12×7.6×4 inch
  • price per 1 slab

Excellent control

The improved initial saturation and improved water distribution throughout the height of the Grodan GRI uni-slab results in improved root growth, enhanced water holding capabilities and more stable EC behavior in the root zone.

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The Grodan slab or Uni-Slab™ comes with Single Plant hole, this slab is designed to support large plants throughout their entire growth cycle, making it ideal for greenhouse and indoor cultivation. Its sturdy structure is especially beneficial for top-heavy plants, and it features a UV-resistant cover that protects against algae and root pests.

Key features include:

  • Ample Root Space: Each Uni-Slab provides 304oz of stone wool, offering sufficient space for substantial plant growth.
  • Quick Draining and Plant Steering: The vertically-woven stone wool in Uni-Slabs ensures rapid drainage, aiding in faster generative production with minimal vertical stretching. This feature is particularly effective for challenging plant varieties and provides high control over the slab’s internal EC, facilitating easy adjustments.
  • more flexible to handle: The uni-slab is easy to move around when growing in veg-room and move to flower room.
  • One single plant; The uni-slab has one single plant hole per slab for easy cultivation



Additional information

Dimensions30 × 19.5 × 10 cm



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