Grodan rockwool Grow Cubes

฿29,140.00 (inc VAT)

  • Suitable for propagation from seed
  • easy to fill pots;
  • gives more “air” to roots;
  • light weight;
  • Size: 1x1x1 cm/0.39×0.39×0.39 inch
  • 1,4 m3 per box pallet

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Grodan Grow-Cubes present an ideal solution for growers looking for an uncomplicated, user-friendly loose-fill medium. Made from consistent 1/4” stone wool cubes, these Grow-Cubes offer several benefits compared to traditional soilless mixes:

  • Non-Compacting Design: They maintain their structure, creating air pockets within the container, which ensures continuous oxygen access to the roots, leading to sustained root growth and high metabolic activity.
  • Optimal Moisture Balance: These cubes naturally maintain a perfect balance of 50% water and 50% air.
  • Mixable for Enhanced Growth: When combined with open media like expanded clay balls, they create an optimal environment for root aeration and consistent moisture, fostering robust growth and flowering.
  • Lightweight: Grodan Grow-Cubes are significantly lighter, about 1/10th the weight of a standard bag of potting soil, making handling and transportation easier.

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36x36x40 mm / 1.4×1.4×1.57 inch


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