Grodan Max 6.5 stone wool growing media

  • Suitable for cloning and propagation from seed and transplant on Grodan max 6.5
  • Improved rooting : Grodan Max Blocks provide improved rooting, as they take the speed of rooting in and development of root volume throughout the entire block to the next level. This faster rooting in and earlier nutrient uptake optimizes plant growth and canopy in the vegetative phase.
  • Size: 10x10x6.5 cm / 4x4x2.5 inch
  • 216 blocks per box

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Grodan max 6.5 is easy to use for transplanting your plugs. After veg phase you can easily transplant the max 6.5 onto the uni-slab or Grodan gro-slab.

The Grodan Max Blocks stands out for its consistent quality and dependability, ensuring uniform and successful propagation. Each block boasts a standard density, sturdiness, and a fibrous texture. Their shape and solidity simplify both manual and automated processing. This uniformity promotes even distribution of water and nutrients, positively impacting root establishment and early crop growth.

Key Feature of Grodan Max

The standout feature of Grodan Max is its V (Vision) 1.0 Technology, notable for its distinctive brown color and structure, derived from the use of new raw materials in its production. This results in a block that offers enhanced reliability, superior plant uniformity, and improved plant quality.

Moreover, the V1.0 Technology incorporates the same advanced wetting agent as found in the Gro-Blocks Improved range. This addition significantly enhances water characteristics, ensuring exceptional water distribution throughout the block. This combination fosters robust plant growth, precise control over plant development, and more efficient utilization of water and nutrients.

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36x36x40 mm / 1.4×1.4×1.57 inch


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