Climate Control Options

In a modern horticultural facility, maintaining the ideal climate is paramount for fostering optimal plant growth and development.

ASA offers various sophisticated climate control systems that can work in synergy to regulate crucial environmental factors.

Temperature control

Radiation shading systems, cooling mechanisms, ventilation systems, and even heating solutions. These systems can manage the internal temperature of the facility, ensuring that it remains within the optimal range for the specific plant varieties cultivated.

Light or Photoperiod Control

Light or Photoperiod Control​
Light diffusion screens, black-out screens, and artificial lighting systems play a pivotal role in regulating the exposure of plants to light and managing the photoperiod. By precisely controlling the amount and duration of light exposure.

Humidity control

Humidity control systems
Humidity levels are accurately controlled through a range of measures, including the strategic use of vents or windows to introduce ambient outside air, ventilation systems to circulate air within the facility, dehumidifiers to reduce excess moisture, and fogging systems to optimise humidity levels.

Co2 Control

Co2 Control​
Maintaining an optimal CO2 concentration is critical for photosynthesis and plant development. Vents or windows facilitate the introduction of ambient outside air containing CO2, while CO2 dosing systems enable precise control over CO2 levels within the horticultural facility.
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