Water storage tank (Water silo) 50,000

  • 50.000 L or 50 M3
  • D5.49 H3.12
  • incl. liner
  • incl outlet 1 pcs
  • price ex installation and foundation on site*




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water storage tank (water silo) 50,000 L. ถังเก็บน้ำขนาดใหญ่  50,000 ลิตร

Seizes : ขนาด

    • 5,000 L. / 5 M3
    • 20,000 L. / 20 M3
    • 50,000 L. / 50 M3
    • 100,000 L. / 100 M3
    • 200,000 L. / 200 M3
    • 500,000 L. / 500 M3
    • 1,000,000 L. / 1,000 M3

Water storage tank (water silo) We install all over Thailand and South East Asia. ถังเก็บน้ำขนาดใหญ่ เรามีบริการติดตั้งทั่วประเทศไทยและเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้

This water silo storage water easily and makes you more flexible in use of water in times there is not enough available. We recommend to store 3 x the daily use of water on your farm or greenhouse project to be stored in one of our suggested silo’s or water tanks. The risk of running out of water is too costly in a professional farm. Also factories that needs fire prevention can store with our water silo the required amount of water for fire safety in Thailand at their own premises.

To prevent the growth of algae and evaporation in a water silo, Agri solutions Asia supplies a wide range of cover options. The range also includes materials that have been specifically developed and which are suitable for storing water in countries with extreme climate conditions such as heat, cold and high UV exposure that we have here in South East Asia and Thailand.

Rainwater is one of the most important water sources for horticultural companies. The ถังเก็บน้ำ water storage tank (water silo) enables you to store rainwater that comes from the greenhouse or factory roof temporarily. Through this temporary storage you are less dependent on external water supply. Furthermore, you can make considerable savings on the use of tap water because you have your own water available. Depending on the size of the water storage tank (water silo), up to millions of litres of water can be stored.

Our company supplies not only the silo but also takes care the installation on site, both in Thailand and international (south East Asia). We are also able to supply you with the proper foundation for the water storage tank (water silo).




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