Construction of a new Tropical Greenhouse project in Chiang Mai underway

Agri Solutions Asia (ASA) is proud to announce that the construction of an innovative greenhouse project is underway in Chiang Mai, in collaboration with a leading seed producing company. This project signifies a transformative step towards modernizing agricultural practices for the company, focusing on three state-of-the-art tropical greenhouses, designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.


A Leap Towards Modernization

Our client, a veteran in the seed production industry, is making strides towards integrating more suitable technologies to boost crop yields. ASA’s tropical greenhouse design is at the forefront of this initiative, featuring predominantly natural ventilation that maintains an ‘active climate’ for optimal crop growth.


Engineered for Excellence

The development of the ASA tropical greenhouse is a collaborative masterpiece, combining the expertise of Agri Solutions Asia with that of the renowned Dutch firm: Luiten Greenhouses.


Customized Solutions for Growth

ASA recognizes the importance of tailoring projects to specific needs, including geographical, climatic, and crop requirements. This project is a testament to our ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring that our client’s step towards a future of higher productivity is both strategic and successful.



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