Galvanized steel water tankWater availability and quality is a very important topic for growers of all sorts and sizes. It can be very important to choose the right water storage solution, especially in area’s where water availability is scarce or fluctuates.

D.A.T.T. supplies and constructs high quality (imported) water storages solutions for the agricultural sector, but our main product of interest is the;

Galvanized steel water tank with liner and dust/algae cover.

The water tank is basically a ring made out of high quality stainless steel plates that are easily bolted together. The tank is sitting on a foundation of a concrete and a high quality liner is covering the inside of the tank. A special tank-cover is used to protect the water from dust and sunlight and therefore the growth of algae in the water.

These galvanized steel tanks show multiple advantages over concrete water storages, such as hygiene, installation time and ease, life span, movability and cost efficiency, and is therefore the best alternative.

We supply water tanks of variable sizes; some of our standard sizes are as following:

32.000 Liter – 3.66 x 3.05 meter

50.000 Liter – 4.57 x 3.05 meter

128.000 Liter – 7.32 x 3.05 meter

200.000 Liter – 9.14 x 3.05 meter

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Water Storage Solution Asia
Galvanized steel water tank
Galvanized steel water tank

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