Water Management:

Water availability and water quality is a very important topic for growers of all sorts and sizes. Choosing the right water storage and water treatment solution is essential in area’s where water availability is scarce, where there is a high mineral content, where the purity insufficient for drip irrigation or where there are high pathogen levels.


Water Storage:

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D.A.T.T. supplies and constructs high quality (imported) galvanized steel water tanks, with liner and dust/algae cover.

The water tank is basically a ring made out of high quality galvanized steel plates that are easily bolted together. A high quality liner is covering the inside of the tank. A special tank-cover is used to protect the water from dust and sunlight and therefore the growth of algae in the water.
These galvanized steel tanks show multiple advantages over concrete water storages, such as hygiene, installation time and ease, life span, movability, cost efficiency, and is therefore the best alternative.

We supply water tanks of variable sizes, some of our standard sizes are:

– 32.000 Liter
– 50.000 Liter
– 128.000 Liter
– 200.000 Liter
– 500.000 Liter
– We can adjust sizes to your specific requirements.

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Water oxygenating:

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Whether for the purpose of supplying a higher ppm of oxygen to the root system of your plants for better root and soil health, or to add more oxygen to the water for the purpose of oxidizing minerals and mineral sedimentation purposes, our company offers very effective technology.

ASA offers a membrane aeration system to realize an optimum oxygen attachment to the water molecules. The system is made of stainless-steel submergible plate with a porous high-quality membrane.

A large quantity of pressurized air is pumped through this membrane and is released into the water in the form of ‘micro bubbles’. The oxygen in these micro bubbles is easily bound to the water molecules.

The raised oxygen levels in your water prevents algae growth, keeps the irrigation pipes and drip systems clean, improves the health of root system, creates a higher nutrient absorption capacity by the plants and oxidizes access minerals in your water such as Iron and Manganese.


Water Filtration:

Based on the purpose and the location within your irrigation or water storage system, our company offers multiple systems for the filtration of your water. These can be fully automated back-flush systems, or simple manual systems.

– Screen filtration
– Disc filtration
– Sand filtration


Treatment and disinfection:

Our company supplies multiple options for water disinfection into existing or new systems.

– Dosing pumps for chlorine, Hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals
– UV-light sanitation systems
– Ozone sanitation systems
– Slow filtration / Bio filtration

Water Storage Solution Asia
Galvanized steel water tank
Galvanized steel water tank

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