Turn Key:

Every greenhouse project must suit the customers’ needs, requirements and very importantly the
local circumstances. Developing a greenhouse projects therefore requires a comprehensive
approach, from both the side of the customer as well as the contractor.

Each greenhouse project requires its own specific design features, technical installations and
equipment. Our company DATT, in cooperation with our great network of partners and suppliers,
offer unique tailor-made greenhouse solutions. Our aim is to be a ‘one stop’ shop, for your
hydroponic agricultural projects.

Our company DATT offers a very practical yet comprehensive approach to turnkey greenhouse


Step 1: Project scope

We start with composing an initial plan of project scope, that incorporates several aspects:
– Our clients business desires;
– The geographical location of the project;
– The products to be produced;
– Finances/budget;
– The clients in-house agricultural knowledge and expertise.


Step 2: Project proposal

Based on the scope of the project determined during step 1, we will compose a proposal with the
basic technical specifications, financial budget, manufacture planning and construction timeframe.
Step 3: Project preparation:
Once the project proposal has been approved, we will start the project preparation.
– Design engineering and manufacturing
– Project and construction planning
– Logistics


Step 3: Construction:


ASA team on location constructing and installation

During this step the actual construction of all project components on site will take place.

Step 4: Operationalizing:


ASA team members in operating greenhouse
After the finalization of the construction period, our team of specialists will focus on operationalizing
the project.
– Test-running systems
– Commissioning procedures
– Training


Step 5: Service and maintenance:

To ensure the functionality of the used equipment and the lengthen its lifespan, we offer our
customers comprehensive service and maintenance packages.

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