Hydroponic greenhouse projects and consulting in AsiaEach hydroponic greenhouse project has its own specific design features, technical installations and equipment. Every greenhouse respectively, must suit the customers’ needs and the local circumstances, in the most optimal and efficient manner. Developing hydroponic greenhouse projects therefore require a comprehensive approach, from both the side of the customer as well as the contractor.

Our company DATT, in cooperation with our network of partners and suppliers, offer unique tailor-made hydroponic agro solutions. Thus, success is guaranteed. The aim is to be a ‘one stop’ shop, for your hydroponic agricultural projects…
Our company DATT offers a very practical yet comprehensive approach to turnkey greenhouse projects. We start with an initial feasibility study/advice that incorporates several aspects:

– Our clients business desires;
– The geographical location of the project;
– The products to be produced;
– The target markets;
– Finances/budget;
– The clients in-house agricultural knowledge and expertise.

Once this first stage has been completed and approved, we continue with the following steps: development of project plan, project design, project construction, installation and implementation.

If required, we will continue our activities after your project is up and running.  D.A.T.T. can offer the necessary consultancy to provide technical/cultivation support, to ensure the economical success of your project. For more information on our consultancy activities click here.

Hydroponic greenhouse projects and consulting in Asia
Hydroponic greenhouse projects and consulting in Asia

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