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The brand ‘Take Me Home Tomatoes’ was first launched in 2005. It was created to bridge the gap between local farmers and the high-end retail supermarket chains. The introduction of ‘Take Me Home Tomatoes’ meant that the supermarkets could source their high quality tomatoes in Thailand instead of having to import them.

Now, well over 10 years into this venture, Take Me Home is Thailand’s biggest tomato brand, supplying most supermarkets in the country.

Take Me home Tomatoes are distinguished by their deep red color and rich flavor. To ensure this, we only pick our tomatoes when they are fully ripened and are ready to eat.

On our tomato farm we only use the safest biological crop care methods to ensure that our customers get a healthy product and ourselves a good and safe work environment.

We grow and harvest our tomatoes 365 days of the year, which means that you can purchase Take Me Home tomatoes any time anywhere! We make sure your Take Me Home tomatoes are always fresh and restock the supermarkets up to 3 times per week.



Take Me Home Tomotoes on FacebookTake Me Home offers a wide range of tomatoes, all grown with the best of care in our own greenhouses. A few of our standard products are:
– Beef tomato;
– Truss tomato;
– Table tomato;
– Cherry tomato;
– Cupido oval cherry tomato;
– Heirloom mix cherry tomato;

Take Me Home Tomatoes Ready For Delivery

Our customers can find our Take Me Home tomatoes in Tesco Lotus, Tops, Big C, The Mall, Chiang Mai’s Rimping supermarket and quite a few smaller names.

Common questions about Take Me Home tomatoes?

Why choose Take Me Home tomatoes?

Tomato should not only look like one… it should taste like one!

In contrast with most tomato producers we, at Take Me Home Tomatoes, harvests our tomatoes only when they are fully matured and red, which ensures you that our tomatoes have developed their renowned rich flavor and sweet taste.

I want to be sure that what I feed myself and my family is safe!

On our tomato farm, we only use the most reliable and safest (biological) crop care methods to ensure our customer, but also ourselves a healthy product and working environment.

I want to purchase my Take Me Home tomatoes year round!

Whereas a lot of tomato farmers grow a seasonal crop, Take Me Home grows tomatoes 365 days of the year. This means that our customers can purchase Take Me Home tomatoes any time anywhere!

I want my tomatoes to be fresh!

Because we harvest our tomatoes fully ripened, our products’ shelf life is limited to a week or more. That is why we harvest our tomatoes 6 days per week… making sure your Take Me Home tomatoes are always fresh! We restock the supermarkets 2, sometimes even 3 times per week.

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