Screening and Shading:

A crucial aspect of climate control in a greenhouse is the use of a retractable shading screen. Retractable shading screens enables the grower to cut out the ‘peak’ moments of sun-intensity and heat during the day. Reducing these moments is reducing stress moments for the plants, which can be directly translated in a better-quality crop with higher production yields.

Luiten Shading solutions in Asia.
DATT is the official South East Asia dealer for ‘Luiten Shading’. Luiten Shading designs, manufactures and tests all technology, material and cloth needed for any type of shading system or any type of greenhouse system
Our company supplies a wide range of different shading cloth for both inside as well as outside use.


What Solutions Do We Offer:

As most greenhouse situations and shading requirements are unique, we offer a wide variety of solutions, and even tailored screening solutions if that is required. The most common solutions and the ones we promote being used in our part of the world;(sub) tropical climate conditions, are the following:


Outside shading systems:


Outside shading systems are specifically interesting in area’s where heat is a problem. Outside screening is a great solution to keep the sun and heat from entering into the greenhouse. The screening structure is built on top of the greenhouse and is thus preventing the sun and heat from entering through the plastic of the greenhouse. This in contrast with inside screening, where the sun and heat enters through the plastic into the greenhouse, and thus build up heat inside

A great advantage of our outside screening system on our tropical greenhouse is that the screen does not block our ventilation opening in the top. Airflow is therefore guaranteed at all times, whether the screen is expanded or retracted.

Inside horizontal shading systems:


We can provide conventional horizontal screening solutions for any type of greenhouse. We can install pull-wire installations as well as push-pull systems with rack and pinions. We supply a wide range of screening cloth based on your exact situation and requirements, enabling you to get an optimal result for your crop.


Other screening options:


– Black-out screens (for completely blocking, or reducing light)
– Roll down screens (for closing greenhouse sides or windows)
– Twin-wall screens (for making temporary greenhouse partitions)

Service and renovations:

All of these high-tech installations can be fully integrated in your existing greenhouse systems, a new greenhouse constructions as well as in- or on top of our own tropical greenhouse system.

Frequent and efficient maintenance will extend the life-span of your installation. For renovation and maintenance work we have a local team of technicians

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