Legal Medical Marijuana and Cannabis:

With the legalization of Medical Marijuana or Cannabis in Thailand, the need for production facilities to produce a medicinal grade product is born.

ASA has developed a proven Cannabis/Marijuana cultivation concept for our tropical climate, that enables the producer to grow a crop that is:

– Predictable;
– Reliable;
– Of high quality;
– Of maximum yield.

The innovative Cannabis/Marijuana cultivation concept of ASA targets and tackles the largest issues in the production process: Integrated greenhouse climate control.



One of the most important obstacles to overcome in the production of Cannabis/Marijuana is controlling humidity, which at times needs to be introduced to the climate through misting, but more so, needs to be extracted from the climate by way of dehumidification.



The optimal daylength in hours and light intensity in Umol is detrimental in the different vegetative and flowering stages of the crop. Our system enables for daylength manipulation by LED light introduction for increasing of daylength, and a 99{0d1c79b7edfaed541a793b2a3ba968fbd61abd7ec6e838a812d03bb1b4da4352} blackout system for decreasing of daylength.



The control of the greenhouse temperature is managed through our greenhouse structure and shading possibilities and the unique ventilation system.

Our concept utilizes the combination of ‘passive climate control’ through natural ventilation at times the ambient outside climate allows for it, but can switch to ‘Active climate control’ when the climate circumstances are unfavorable for the crop and need to be adjusted.

Besides the major obstacle of the above-mentioned climate control we face in Asia, our Cannabis/Marijuana cultivation concept includes the complete crop system on hanging gutters, the drip irrigation system, shading control, greenhouse fans, (optional) CO2 control, (optional)active forced cooling control, internal logistics and crop production tools.

The complete greenhouse climate and irrigation is controlled by an integrated management platform, free programable and accessible through internet.

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