Choosing the right greenhouse:

Choosing the right greenhouse structure and cultivation system is essential for a successful business model in horticulture.

The ‘right greenhouse‘ depends greatly on your geographical location, the desired micro climate inside the greenhouse, the crop to be produced, the desired level of automation/accuracy and last but not least the available investment budget.
A glass Venlo, a Pad & Fan tunnel, a saw-tooth, or perhaps our tropical greenhouse solution? Let us assist you with making the right decisions…





The Tropical ASA greenhouse concept:

Our tropical ASA greenhouse is developed to perform extremely well under circumstances, found specifically in tropical areas. Our greenhouse structure can be used by itself as a ‘passive’ greenhouse solution utilizing natural ventilation or can be equipped with advanced technologies, making it fully automated, computerized and ‘active’ climate-controlled greenhouse.




The tropical greenhouse design:

Our ASA greenhouse has unique design features resulting in a constant natural ventilation of fresh air through the sides of the greenhouse and the exhaust of rising warmer air through our chimney. The result is a so called ‘active climate’; a constant movement of air without forced-ventilation or wind.

Besides having this ‘active climate’, our greenhouse uses it’s sheer air volume to it’s advantage. There is large volume or ‘air-buffer’ within the greenhouse because of our greenhouse height of over 7.5 meters. This results in a slower and more gradual change of temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse.




The technical engineering:

The engineering of the ASA tropical greenhouse has been conducted in collaboration with the 2 Dutch companies ‘Luiten Greenhouses’ and ‘Dutch Agro Systems’. These Dutch greenhouse engineering companies are extremely successful on worldwide level. One of the reasons of that success is their highly efficient engineering process, with help of CASTA/Greenhouse, a specific software program for the greenhouse industry. The program provides a customized calculation of the ‘sub-structure’ of the individual greenhouse, resulting in a customized, and therefore efficient design without compromising structural safety. In the engineering of a ‘real’ greenhouse we separate the bottom side (sub-structure) from the top side of the greenhouse. The topside is the steel structure of the greenhouse from the gutters further up. The sub-structure is everything below the gutters.

Our tropical greenhouse topside rests on a properly engineered sub structure, with reinforced side and gable post. This extra strength in the gable and side of the greenhouse allows for the production of crops with a high load on the greenhouse. Crops such as tomato, cucumber, capsicum, melon, can be grown on a high wire system and even hanging gutter system.

Our tropical ASA greenhouse is made of galvanized steel, meeting the internationally required quality standards.
The greenhouse has a gutter height of 5 meters and a total height just over 7.5 meter.
The greenhouse has a standard bay width of 6.4 meter with a bay-sections of 4 meter. These dimensions can be multiplied to reach any desired greenhouse size.


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