Our team of in-house experts have over a decade of experience in greenhouse production, and marketing of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in (SE)Asia. Because of this ‘hands on’ experience, there is virtually no problem that stays unsolved… we have seen it all!

In our consultancy approach, we outline the different aspects and desires that needs to be mastered for each client. We are the experts in managing commercial greenhouse production in (sub)Tropical conditions, and we will find a solution for all our clients needs and requests.

The focus of our consultancy, as in our hardware, is to eliminate any factor that is a potential risk to our client. We do this by using the best quality products and knowledge.

When all materials and knowledge are of the highest possible standard, one can truly focus on managing a successful crop and solving problems efficiently.


Consultancy structure and methodology:


Greenhouse Technology Consultants in Asia

We have set up a training method that combines theoretical with practical training. The trainees acquire the knowledge and skills that relate to their job expertise. They become highly competent in their field of work.

The theoretical training consists of a customized program that fulfills the specific needs of our client. This is from years of acquired knowledge and process standards that have proven successful. The training program combines together our knowledge, experience and the input of specialists, in an easy to use format.

During our practical consultancy sessions we prefer to use the production facilities of our clients. Our experience is that training ‘on the job’ is the most efficient and successful method. Trainees learn exactly what is necessary to excel in their particular position, in their own working environment. This practical consultancy is by far the largest and most important part of our consultancy work.

Possible consultancy subjects

Asian agricultural farm management consultancy1. General farm management:

– Production planning concept;
– Production planning computer program;
– Actual production forecasting;
– Crop registration (for formal communication among management);
– Input control and registration (for cost price control);
– Farm- and personal hygiene;
– Etc.

2. Seeding and nursery:

– General nursery process;
– Seed treatment and sowing techniques;
– Transplanting techniques;
– Fertilization during nursery;
– Flower induction in nursery;
– Planting timing;

Asian agricultural tomato management consultancy3. Tomato variety choices through DATT:

– We offer access to world top seed suppliers;
– Variety and seed selection;
– Variety trials set up;
– Evaluation of variety trials and variety advise.

3. Plant nutrition and fertilizer applications:

– Growing stages of plant and nutritional necessities;
– EC and pH level in irrigation water / drain water / in growing media and the interpretation an control of each of them;
– Different AB mixes and scheduling;
– AB mix compositions (based on 15 years production experience in Thailand and Malaysia);
– Fertilizer deficiencies in plants;
– Etc.

4. Growing media (substrate):

– Different imported and local substrates can be trialed and evaluated. The best alternative for the specific conditions will be advised;
– Substrate volumes can be trialed and evaluated. The best alternative for the specific conditions will be advised:
– Media application methods in either poly-bags or slab can be trialed and evaluated;

5. Pest and disease control:

– IPM principles;
– We can supply the client with all protocols on IPM;
– Pest and disease identification;
– Virus identification;
– Preventive action taking;
– Curative action taking;
– Biological crop protection products;
– Biological crop protection techniques;
– Chemical crop protection products;
– Chemical crop protection techniques
– Personal safety standards;
– Public safety standards;
– Chemical control registration;
– Biological weed control;
– Chemical weed control;
– Greenhouse clearing;
– Greenhouse disinfection;
– Material disinfection;
– Etc.

Asian agricultural farm management consultancy6. Growing standards/protocol and growing manipulation:

– Working standards can be supplied;
– Basic plant physiology;
– Root system development;
– Vegative state;
– Generative state;
– Plant balance;
– Plant development;
– Flowering;
– Pollination timing;
– Pollination methods and techniques:
– Fruit setting vs plant growth;
– Pruning;
– Media saturation and weight;
– Drain collection;
– Drain EC and pH values;
– Fruit size/color/firmness manipulation;
– Etc.

​7. Irrigation and fertilization:

– Photosynthesis;
– Climate and evaporation by plant;
– Plant transpiration;
– Irrigation timing;
– Irrigation frequency;
– Climate and evaporation by plant;
– Irrigating on sun radiation;
– Irrigation on time;
– Irrigation on substrate moisture;
– Irrigation on temperature and humidity;
– EC and pH determination;
– Sercom computer software management;
– Sercom irrigation settings;
– Sercom graphic interpretation;
– Sercom data logging;
– Irrigation registration;
– Irrigation management.
– Etc.

Asian agricultural farm management consultancy8. Harvest and post harvest:

– Harvest forecasting;
– Harvest moment/timing;
– Harvest techniques;
– Harvesting routing
– Harvest tools;
– Grading and sorting;
– Quality control standards;
– Product grade determination;
– Storage techniques;
– Storage environment;
– Product grade determination;
– Harvest registration;
– Harvest/production statistics;
– Etc.

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