DATT - Dutch Agricultural Technology and Trade

Dutch Agri-Tech and Trade is the mother company for Agri Solutions Asia (ASA).
ASA, based in Thailand, is a leading technology supplier in the rapidly developing greenhouse
industry in South East Asia. Founded in 2004, our company has a decade and a half of experience
and expertise in the development of horticultural projects in the region.

We offer our customers high standard solutions, customized to the unique local challenges. Our
international team of specialist are inventive, flexible and never fail to develop practical and
effective solutions..


Besides supplying other growers with their greenhouse technology, we have our own tomato
production facility, where we grow our tomatoes, sold under the renowned ‘Take Me Home
tomatoes’ brand.

The fact that we are growers ourselves as well, results in our continuous desire to stay at the
forefront of new innovations in the industry. Through our global network of partners and suppliers,
we offer our customers access to the latest horticultural technology, against very competitive prices.

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