DATT - Dutch Agricultural Technology and TradeDATT, based in Thailand, is a leading company in the ever-growing greenhouse industry in South East Asia. Founded in 2004, our company has over a decade of experience and expertise, in the development of horticultural projects in the region.

Besides having our own tomato farm for production of our renowned brand ‘Take Me Home Tomatoes’, we focus on the development and sales of the technology required in the industry. Technology such as greenhouses, irrigation/climate control systems, irrigation material, seeds and other cultivation inputs.

about DATT Dutch Agricultural Technology and Trade

The fact that we are also growers ourselves, besides supplying the technology, enables us to stay at the forefront of new innovations in the industry. We know exactly what obstacles to overcome, and can therefore offer our customers up to date solutions for their often unique situations.

Through our global network of partners and suppliers, we offer our customers access to the latest horticultural technology, against very competitive prices.

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